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Playing: Friday, Dec. 9, 5:30 P.M. and Saturday, Dec. 10, 9:45 P.M.

As the Syrian Civil War tragedy spirals past its fifth year, the staggering toll on the country’s people continues to mount with no end in sight. Millions of refugees with communities destroyed and homes lost are spread across the world while their country is reduced to rubble.

Back in 2011, no one could have anticipated the Arab Spring that swept through the Middle East and toppled more than one despotic ruler. And no one could have anticipated the brutal crackdown of the Syrian regime on its own citizens.

Those early protests and the almost immediate retaliation of al-Assad’s army are the setting where “The War Show” starts. Years of home video-style footage were filmed by radio host activist Obaidah Zytoon and her friends, and shaped into this documentary with the help of Danish director Andreas Dalsgaard.


What began with excitement, hope and optimism for what was always an unlikely future is challenged but not defeated as time progresses. This is the strength of “The War Show.” Hope is immovable from every moment of this film, as we leave the first protests to follow Zytoon on her travels across Syria to war-torn cities and her hometown of Al Zabadani to fully witness the ramifications of a full-fledged civil war.

This isn’t the first documentary to cover this subject and neither is it the most comprehensive. That being said, it offers a perspective missing in news coverage and other documentaries that focus on the combat while neglecting the younger generations who demand a better future, and who suffer the most in any war. This might not be the easiest film to watch in this year’s festival, but it is definitely one of the most important and timely.


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