Suzanne Kazan
Senior Translator
Suzanne Kazan

Suzanne Kazan joined Tabeer’s team in 2007. She is in charge of French into Arabic translations. With over 10-years of translation experience under her belt, Suzanne is a certified public translator who has her own private accredited seal. Suzanne is also a resident translator at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs’ Arabic Publications Center in Beirut.

Prior to joining Tabeer’s team, Suzanne worked as a translation teacher for four years, and as assistant head of the publications department at Saint Mary’s Orthodox College in Beirut. Her experience also includes working as a translator for Al Khayal and Dar El Kotob El Haditha publishing houses in Lebanon during which time she translated several books and numerous publications.

Suzanne holds a BA in translation and a teaching diploma in languages from Saint Joseph University in Beirut. She is fluent in Arabic, French and English, with basic knowledge of Spanish. She is also the director of the Arabic department and co-founder of the Copywriter’s, a language services venture.

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