Maher Al Junaidy
Co-Founder, Director, Editor-in-Chief
Maher Al Junaidy

Maher is a researcher, columnist and journalist with over 20 years experience in editing, media and training. He is also a regular contributor to some of this region’s most prominent newspapers who publish his research and articles on Middle Eastern political, cultural and current affairs.

Before co-founding Tabeer in 2006 and taking on the responsibility of Arabic content editor, Maher’s career took him from editorial assistant, to sub-editor and managing editor, culminating with a position as editor-in-chief with prestigious journals and journalism institutions. Maher also headed content management for one of the largest bilingual online portals.

Maher’s earlier experience as a lecturer at the University of Aleppo and coach at Syrian and UAE institutes enabled him to provide training courses for media professionals and journalists in Dubai, Beirut and elsewhere. He also held workshops and seminars for senior government officials and the media in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and KSA covering new media, business development and research using modern technology. His experience in customized online content development allowed him to supervise the content for government websites and intranets, and to hold the position of editor-in-chief for Arabian Times since its inception in 2005.

Maher’s passion and intensive knowledge of the nuances of the Arabic language enabled him to take on the responsibility of supervising the development of pioneering electronic media monitoring services that utilizes the specialized characteristics of Arabic language search engines and digital content archiving.

Al Junaidy authored and translated several books, and contributed to reports and research published by international and regional organizations. His research on Arab e-commerce in 1998 was the first of its kind, while his research covering the Internet’s underworld received wide acclaim and was included in the curriculum of several academic institutions and universities.

Maher is a member of the UAE Society for the Protection of Arabic, the Syrian Journalists Association, Dubai Press Club, and the Syrian Engineers Syndicate.