Tabeer – the 1st licensed content management company in the UAE celebrates its 10th anniversary

with record breaking achievements of creating and localizing over 20,000,000 Arabic words in ten years

Dubai, UAE, November 8, 2016: Tabeer, the creative lab focusing on content and graphic design located in Dubai, celebrated its 10th anniversary at an exclusive reception held at its new offices on Sheikh Zayed Road. The reception was attended by a large gathering of Tabeer’s business partners, associates and friends.

Three announcements were made at this celebration, further strengthening Tabeer’s positioning within the creative industry in the field of content development, translation, localization, and graphic design: Tabeer’s sponsorship of DIFF 2016 and a three-year contract to translate the festival collateral; Tabeer’s contribution of over 20,000,000 of quality Arabic words to Arab culture (created, translated, localized, edited); and the launch of Tabeer’s new website.

‘It is our pleasure to welcome our esteemed guests, business partners and friends from the public and private sectors who celebrated with us in honor of our efforts in promoting their brands’ rich and diverse visual and written identity in the region,’ commented Maher Al Junaidy, Tabeer’s media advisor and editor in chief, on this occasion.

He went on to add: ‘We extend our sincere gratitude to our partners and customers in Dubai, the UAE and the GCC in particular, and our international partners, too, who have all entrusted us with formulating their media presence in the region, thus allowing us to create, translate and copyedit 20,000,000 quality Arabic words over the past ten years contributed by Tabeer’s team of 30 talented professionals from the UAE, Arab world and further afield.’

Tabeer was founded in 2006 as the first agency specializing in content development (content creation and management) in Dubai. Tabeer quickly became a cultural platform that works on strengthening brand identity for government and private organizations and businesses in the UAE, the GCC, and many countries around the world.

Tabeer also took this occasion to launch its new innovative website as a gateway to the latest news, achievements and studies prepared by Tabeer and its affiliates, in the fields of writing, translation, and e-marketing, and graphic design.

At this point, Fadwa Al Qasem, abstract artist and Tabeer’s creative director said: ‘We wanted our new website to be Tabeer’s showcase, as well as a platform for news, and an arena for debate and the exchange of opinions on all things art, creativity, creative writing, translation, localization, acculturation and cultural interaction between the cultures and languages of Dubai’s uniquely cosmopolitan community. Tabeer’s website is currently available in Arabic and English. We have plans to add other languages we focus on such as French, Russian, Polish and Urdu.’