You want to create a bright and cheerful image for your customers?

But you also need to make sure that all your information is presented with great care, accuracy and precision?

Finding the right balance is challenging; and this is why Dubai Translation conference held in October 2016 dedicated a special session to medical translation. Well done!

At Tabeer we are fully aware how every word can mean a life. And we work with that in mind. We will express your brand without compromising the accuracy, the integrity and the meaning of the information you provide.

And because this is how we operate, it was only natural that Tabeer was chosen to Arabize the first website content for Dubai Health Authority after its founding in June of 2007. We have since become the safe haven for medical institutions, clinics and hospitals, and of course, and pharmaceutical companies. Whether for their website, social media, publications, or specialist medical documentation.

Let us help you achieve exactly what you are looking for.