It’s Not A Coincidence!


One day in 2007, I read Memories in Translation by Canadian author Denys Johnson Davies.

I enjoyed his story with the Arabic language and translations thereof. Naguib Mahfouz and Edward Said considered him the pioneer of Arabic to English translation. The author published about 30 volumes that included Arabic creative fiction and narratives. He also played a role in introducing the classics of Arabic literature to the academic and scientific circles in the West. In addition to publishing over forty children’s books in English inspired by the masterpieces of Arabic literature, providing an example of values such as originality, tolerance, and cultural coexistence.

In any case, I wrote an article about the author’s book and published it in the supplement of Al-Bayan newspaper in the UAE, and I posted the article to my own website.

A few days later I noticed a violent campaign – led by an Arab academy, or so it called itself – against Mahfouz, Denys and against me. The naive one, of course, who has no idea of what lies behind this work.

In short [they claim that] Davies is a Zionist agent and he prepared Mahfouz for the Nobel Prize, etc., ad infinitum. The same old-fashioned, improvised non-sense we have all known and experienced since the 1960s: Every Nobel laureate is suspicious.

I was not surprised when I read an article by As’ad AbuKhalil in the steadfast paper, Al-Akhbar, about the fans of the Zionist Bob Dylan who won a Nobel!

It’s the very same media terrorism!

Izzat Omar

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