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“Creativity and ideas can build countries and institutions. The future belongs to those who generate ideas.” His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

I wonder, wouldn’t a creative person prefer a short life spent as he pleases than a long life spent under oppression and humiliation? Is this not the reason why creative people have no fear of death?

In my opinion, what drives a person to suicide is despair. Because with determination and hope, it is hard to tire of patience or to reach that stage of desolation that leads to suicide.
Best of all, creativity has no age. It is not always true that older are the only ones who have learned from life. All experiences, knowledge, reading, culture, and meditation are great teachers, and anyone can become an outstanding student in the school of life.

There is no excuse for failure. Nothing can suppress hope and creativity even if our surrounding environment is not perfect, and even if we have suffered so much. We can always recreate our environment through which we can love, read, dream, make art, learn, hope and create.

It is time to stop the blame game. You are the only one who can bury your own creativity if you do not try hard or make an effort, and if you allow the opinions of others to kill your passion or pull out the roots of hope, imagination, and creativity, and you sow despair in their place.
There are always individuals and organizations who support creativity. Tabeer Creative Lab is an agency in the UAE that supports, nurtures and develops all forms of creativity, including graphic art and literary creativity, and thus contributes to acculturation among people.

Let us learn to love life and create our own world where all stereotypical noise is shunned. A world where creativity and sophistication embrace culture and infuse our world with light and beauty.

Leen Barakat

• Opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Tabeer.

ِArtworl: Fadwa Al Qasem

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Leen Barakat

Leen is an intern in Tabeer, and a senior studentRead More

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