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The traditional idea of networking no longer resonates with modern thinking and practices. It’s outdated because it focuses on personal and individual needs and interests while (almost totally) disregarding those of others.

Typically, people arrive at a networking event, give out and collect as many business cards as is humanly possible within the shortest time possible, and leave with a huge sigh of relief that it’s over and done with. Five minutes later, no one remembers anyone, yet emails are sent out to every single email address on those cards.

The problem is people, individuals, don’t operate that way in real life – and why is business life something separate to real life? In life, you connect with others with whom you have shared values and interests. You get to know them, understand them, and they you. You build a solid foundation that can carry lifelong friendships, business-ships, partnerships, collaborations. Within a community, you have the opportunity to know and understand each other. There could also be – dare we say it – empathy and compassion in the way you work with others. A mutual and shared respect for people’s time, work, and talents.

This is more than a referral system, and much more than a networking system. This is a community in the true sense of the word. Shared values, interests, attitudes and similar aspirations or goals, plus a strong belief that competition and stepping on others is not the way to move forward. Rather, collaborations, cooperation, supporting each other to move ahead, and creating new opportunities by putting ideas and knowledge together to forge new pathways. As individuals and as organizations. None of us are capable of providing everything for everyone, not only is that impossible but – as an organization – it also means you lose your brand’s focus and identity, and you lose clients and business.

With this in mind, we’ve decided at Tabeer to launch Tabeer Creative Lab Community. With a strong emphasis on the community. This community is for final-year students, new grads and young entrepreneurs. It may change, expand, evolve to include others, too.

We want to bring passion back into our working days and business. Not just flaunt the word. It’s not about loving every second of the work you do – even the best and most glamorous jobs and companies have their ups and downs. It’s about bringing the values of your life, the values of life, into the business world. Doing your best at all times, with integrity, transparency, honesty, humanity.

Fadwa Al Qasem

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Fadwa Al Qasem

Tabeerista, Co-Founder, Creative Director & English Language Editor (also bilingualRead More

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