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Fadwa Al Qasem

Tabeerista, Co-Founder, Creative Director & English Language Editor (also bilingual author and mixed media artist). Fadwa is a published author with eight books carrying her name; two collections of short stories in Arabic, one in English, two anthologies in English, two translated works of fiction, and her art is part of a book published in the USA about art journaling. Fadwa was part of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in 2014 and 2015 and her short stories and translations have appeared in numerous literary publications in the Middle East and the UK (Akhbar Al Adab/Cairo, Al Adab/Beirut, Al Bayan/Dubai, Banipal/London, Al Quds Al Arabi/London. Al Quds/Jerusalem).

Fadwa writes articles for An-Naher and Rebelle Society, and has her own blog Confessions of a Failed Hedonist. As an artist, Fadwa developed I Am What I Art which encompasses her vision of the power of art in life.

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What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?
What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?