What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?


About this series of blogs:

We’ve done a series of Instiga-Views (instigation + interview) offering insight from people with experience to instigate positive action and reaction from younger generations toward building their own paths. We didn’t have any questions, rather we asked our interviewees to speak to their younger selves, to give us their honest, straight to the heart thoughts on two of the following seven “Instigators”: Breaking the Rules, Courage, Adding Value, Career Catastrophes, Fear, Censorship, and Play.

Here’s what Elspeth Duncan had to say about Courage and Adding Value.

Elspeth and Venus on Rockley
Elspeth and Venus on Rockley


People often tell me that I’m ‘so brave’ or ‘so courageous’. But what does it mean to be courageous? It must be a relative thing, as is fear. I think if you see someone as having ‘courage’, it means they are doing or being something that you are afraid of doing or being yourself. But to them, that brave thing may be ‘nothing’.

Once I made a promise to myself that even if I felt ‘fear’ I would ‘go ahead anyway’. (Like that saying: Feel the fear and do it anyway). I don’t want to ever look back and regret not doing or being something because of ‘fear’. But at the same time I don’t want to feel ‘fear’ and then blindly charge into something just because I’m “feeling fear and doing it anyway.” So, I ask for Wisdom and Discernment to guide me.

Adding Value

I add value the more I am myself. The more I am myself, I become a living example. The more I become a living example, the more I inspire others. The more I inspire others, the more I am moved to continue doing what I do. The more I continue to do what I do, the more I encounter kindred spirits who share my visions. The more I encounter kindred spirits who share my visions, the further we go. The further we go, the more we spread the peace that comes with living personal truth. The more we spread the peace that comes with living personal truth, the more we experience love and harmony within, among and around us. The more we experience love and harmony within, among and around us, the more we trust the Universe, knowing that everything is unfolding exactly as it is meant to.

Elspeth Bio

Elspeth Duncan is a film maker, musician, writer/published author (find her novel ‘Daisy Chain’ on amazon.com) and KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor who has been practicing this form of yoga since 2000. She currently resides in Tobago, where she teaches yoga and facilitates yoga retreats through her company Thou Art Yoga, writes a weekly column (”Tobago Peeps”) in the Trinidad Guardian newspaper, and feeds and celebrates love through her intimate two-person restaurant, Table for Two Made for You.

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