About Us

Once upon a time, early in 2005, we envisioned a Creative Lab which will contribute toward an enlightened cognitive environment that keeps pace with the times, deepens cultural identity, enhances multi-lingual content, and enriches cultural dialogue. In 2006 Tabeer was born as the first agency in the UAE to specialize in multilingual content development and management, as well as translation and design.

From sunny Dubai, Tabeer works with local, regional and multinational organizations in the Gulf Cooperation Countries, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and reaching as far away as China and the United States.

Bubbling in our Creative Lab is an energetic mixture of exceptional young innovative talent and the extensive expertise of seasoned professionals, specializing in content, languages, the arts, and the digital world.

Bringing together a Curious mind, a Creative approach, Courageous ideas, Cool execution, and an understanding of the importance of Culture and how it impacts your brand. Tabeer offers specialized copywriting, design, translation services and supervises your brand’s multilingual online and offline presence toward enriching your brand proposition, the sustainability of its cultural fingerprint, and increasing impact and outreach.

This is our story, what’s yours?

We’ll help you tell your story to the world!


We envision an enlightened, knowledgeable environment that keeps pace with the times, deepens cultural identity, enhances Arabic content, and enriches civilized cultural dialogue.


We help prestigious institutions and individuals tell their story, and strengthen their positioning, their online and offline presence in the active Arab scene, and their cultural impact on the community in which they operate.

Core Values

Curious - Courageous -Cool - Cultured - Creative. Curious when it comes to knowledge; Courageous when it comes to generating ideas; Cool use of modern tools; Cultured vision; Creative execution.
Our Team
  • Tabeer Associate - Lead PR & Social Media
    With a passion for people and communication and over 10 years of experience as consultant.
  • Editor / MoviePulse.me
    Journalist and writer. A lover of film and everything Kubrick!
  • Senior Translator
    With over 16 years experience in translation into Arabic, Nizar Saqer joined Tabeer's team as Senior Translator in 2009.
  • Senior Translator
    Suzanne Kazan joined Tabeer's team in 2007. She is in charge of French into Arabic translations. With over 10-years of translation experience
  • Tabeer Office Manager
    Anna Riza Sali is Tabeer's Office Manager and the heart of our business. She joined Tabeer in 2014 ..
  • Senior English Editor
    Hani Al Qasem joined Tabeer’s team as senior English editor in 2007
  • Account Manager & Arabic Editor
    Hazar Badra joined Tabeer in 2007 as account manager and Arabic language editor.
  • Tabeerista, Co-Founder, Creative Director & English Language Editor
    Fadwa is passionate about languages, art and creativity, with four languages in her pocket..
  • Co-Founder, Director, Editor-in-Chief
    Maher is a researcher, columnist and journalist with over 20 years experience in editing, media and training.